If fitness is your religion then Club Crest is the Cathedral!

  • Imbibing functional fitness into everyday life, Club Crest is no less than any place of worship for its devoted fitness freaks.
  • Strongest mind and a fittest physique should go hand in hand.
  • Spreadout in a sprawling space with Insta-worthy, uber cool decor with a touch of upcycled elements, Cathedral of Fitness is going to make you go WOW instantly.
  • Bringing the best for our premium members the COF is not just like any other conventional gym.
  • It’s an elevated experience, an extravaganza exclusively fabricated for you with the finest equipment, cosy ambience and an ethereal experience.


With an endless space & freedom to explore different workout styles your fitness journey with us is going to be overloaded with vigour and vibrancy. Be it cardio or strength training or functional training, we have it all covered under one roof. Literally! You name it, we have it.


From air bike to parachute runner, 30 meters running track to rower, there's not a single day you'd kill time doing the same cardio activity. Also, our strength training zone is filled with a plethora of world-class machines and free weights to quench your thirst for building muscle.


Not a big fan of weights? Love functional training? No problem. We provide a plethora of options like TRX suspension trainers, Kettlebell, Battle rope, tyre, Bosu ball, resistance bands, slam balls, etc., to keep you busy spending calories.


Bored with the conventional training? Try this. Arouse the kid in you with this challenging yet fun filled rock climbing of 23 foot high. Challenge yourself or catch up with other fitness freaks, either way, fun filled climb towards fitness rests assured. High five!


Bringing in the Keiser Pneumatics for the first time to South India, we cater to your sport specific requirements like no one else with this multi-functional machine for a complete workout. Be an amateur or an athlete, we train you to reach your sports performance.


We make no compromises when it come to providing the best of the experiences for our premium members. Prioritising quality and safety with a touch of luxury, we indulge our fitness freaks with top-of-the-line equipment from the best brands that there is.


To bring out the best in you we have certified and experienced trainers to build fitness regimes that’s built upon your body specific requirements. Our trainers also take up the role of a trustworthy buddy when it comes to cheering you up when you push yourself to the next level of fitness.


Fuelling to perfection is our in-house nutrition consultants providing you with customisation on your diet charts that would suit your physique, lifestyle and workout regime. They are clever enough to strike the right balance in satiating taste buds and core muscles.


Physio rooms with experienced consultants to find the best workout regime for you to start with, Club Crest emphasises on healing both before and after workout. They help you scale every height in a relaxed and sustained way.


Be it post work out or simply a just chilling session in the steam room, this is going to get you feel relieved and rejuvenated quite at ease.

For that post workout pampering for your worked-out muscles, steam room is the best bet.


With a dedicated locker and squeaky-clean shower room side by side, we make your gym experience a stress free one.

We bet; you would call Club Crest your second home.


Our definition of fitness looks beyond the bounds of bones and muscles. At COF, we don’t just focus on achieving the physical appearance goals rather we have a holistic approach to fitness giving importance to various components which include balance/stability, mobility, flexibility, posture correction, strength and conditioning, endurance, there is a reason why we have named it CATHEDRAL OF FITNESS


  • Yes! You read it right! It is whatever room. A unique space where you can just be or do whatever you please to.
  • This room are for the days you wish to break out of monotony. You can simply relax, stretch yourself, stroll along the glass walls, or dance to the tunes of your heart.
  • But just in case if you feel to learn or try something new and structured, we get you the option of SARVA YOGA and ZUMBA FITNESS as well.

Savour your soul with a session of SARVA YOGA in a tranquil ambience soaking in more life with every breath. Built on the foundation of ancient yogic practices, Sarva Yoga uniquely blends ancient practices with modern lifestyle in right proportions to make it a yoga-based wellness cult.

  • Close your eyes, calm the chaos,
  • Breathe, stretch or simply be,
  • Find your inner self, set it free
  • Delve deep in the ocean of bliss.

  • Break free of the hesitations and any barriers that holds you back from being yourself.
  • Zumba is here for you to experience the joy as you dance your way towards fitness with alternating fast and slow rhythms. Yes, workout needn’t be gruelling always.
  • What’s more fun is you can bring your partner or your bunch of besties to dance along with your fitness coach right before guiding and dancing with you.

Why wait? Sweat it out in style!